Monday, 24 November 2014

Footsteps Marking Time premiere

Next Saturday 29th of November we will present the premiere of Footsteps Marking Time, a new full-length music and dance performance created with Glasgow-based composer Matilda Brown.

The production will try to capture the physical and emotional journey of Matilda's solo walk 238 miles across the Scottish Highlands and my simultaneous dance journey in a studio in the remote peninsula of Scoraig in March-April 2014. Footsteps Marking Time will bring our stories together, retold through music, dance and visuals.

Since the walk, Matilda and I have been collaborating and exploring all our findings and stories – our trials and tribulations, the people we met, the trees, the birds, the solitude. Together we have worked in various locations across Scotland – Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Loch Tay- in a series of residencies organised with the support of Citymoves, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and Scottish Dance Theatre.

The premiere will take place at The Macphail Centre in Ullapool, a town in the middle point of the Cape Wrath Trail. The performance will feature live music by Matilda's chamber ensemble with some of the most prominent jazz and folk musicians in Scotland: Jo Nicholson (Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet), Mairearad Green (Accordion), Graeme Stephen (Jazz Guitar) and Ruth Rowlands from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (Cello).

Visual artist Gerard O'Brien has created a digital backdrop for the performance and Jeremy Raison (former Artistic Director of Glasgow's legendary Citizens Theatre) is looking after the dramaturgy of the piece and co-directing the work.

For more information on the project, videos, fotos, and exclusive preview tracks visit the project's website: FOOTSTEPS MARKING TIME.

Book your tickets for the premiere HERE, or if you cannot make it to Ullapool, why not making a contribution on the project's fundraising page: HERE. Thanks for your support!

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Fictitious Truths of Teddington Library

This coming weekend I will be performing with Dog Kennel Hill Project on The Fictitious Truths of Teddington Library, part of this year's edition of the Richmond Upon Thames Literature Festival.

DKHP are Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, Henrietta Hale and Ben Ash, with whom I first worked in 2012 when Rachel created Pavlova's Dogs for Scottish Dance Theatre. Afterwards we collaborated in TUG for the London Dance Umbrella Festival and the research Études in Tension and Crisis which will be developed into a new full-length work in Spring 2015.

The Fictitious Truths of Teddington Library will be a durational performance, spreading over three days (Fri. 14th - Sun. 16th November). It will be a collection of performance curiosities, celebrating a sense of wonder at human evolution, from the hunter gatherers in the primordial forest to the finger tapping media communicators of now. Wondering what could have trodden this ground before us we will place an expansive lens on the site of Teddington Library, imagining the bears that roamed in earlier times, and an exhumed Neolithic Teddington Man that sits surveying one of the greatest symbols of social progress and enlightenment that it is today.

More information about the festival and free tickets for the performances  HERE.